Tourism in the Béarn in Pyrénées-Atlantiques

Discover Béarn and its heritage from Salies-de-Béarn. Visit the salt city and its thermal baths, offering colourful, festive and cultural events all year round. Enjoy its casino, golf and salt museum restoring the way of life of the Béarnais without forgetting its thermal baths.

Nearby, Sauveterre de Béarn is a medieval city with its fortified church and castle, listed Historic Monuments dating from the XII century. Have fun rafting/canoeing in the whitewater of the Gave d'Oloron and its hiking trails.

Orthez markets and fairs are traditions that have been perpetuated and developed since the 14th century. The Château Moncade, the Pont-Vieux, the Saint-Pierre church and the Hôtel de la Lune are jewels of the Middle Ages.

Navarrenx, an essential passage on the way to Santiago de Compostela, is a medieval fortified town. She welcomes the pilgrims and shares moments of conviviality in the historical places of Navarrenx.

We are waiting for you in our beautiful Béarn region for a successful holiday in the Pyrenees.

  • © CDT64 - le saleys salies de bearn
    Camping Pyrénées Atlantiques : Le Saleys à Salies de Béarn dans les Pyrénées Atlantiques
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  • © OTBDG-Guilbot - thermes salies de bearn
    Campsite France Béarn : Les thermes de Salies de Béarn
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  • © OTBDG-Guilbot - musee du sel salies de bearn
    Camping Pyrénées Atlantiques : Musée du sel Salies de Béarn
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  • © CG64 - maison salies de bearn
    Campsite France Béarn : Maison ancienne de Salies de Béarn
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  • © CDT64-A.Salaun - sauveterre bastide bearn
    Camping Pyrénées Atlantiques : La bastide de Sauveterre dans le Béarn
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  • © CG64 - chapelle st martin sauveterre
    Campsite France Béarn : La chapelle Saint Martin à Sauveterre dans le Béarn
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  • © OTBDG-Guilbot - randonnee gave d oloron
    Camping Pyrénées Atlantiques : Randonnée dans le gave d'Oloron
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  • © CG64 - sentier poetique bearn
    Campsite France Béarn : Sentier poétique dans le gave d'Oloron
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  • © CDT64-A.Salaun - le pont vieux orthez
    Camping Pyrénées Atlantiques : Le Pont Vieux à Orthez dans le pays basque
    © CDT64-A.Salaun
  • © CDT64 - maisons orthez bearn
    Campsite France Béarn : Maisons anciennes à Orthez dans les Pyrénées Atlantiques
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  • © CG64 - navarrenx pont gave oloron
    Camping Pyrénées Atlantiques : Le pont et le gave d'Oloron à Navarrenx
    © CG64
  • ©OTBDG-Guilbot - navarrenx remparts bearn
    Campsite France Béarn : Les remparts de Navarrenx dans le Béarn
  • © CDT64-S.Claudon - aren gave oloron
    Camping Pyrénées Atlantiques : Aren et le gave d'Oloron dans le Béarn
    © CDT64-S.Claudon
  • © EyeSea Production - chateau de laas bearn
    Campsite France Béarn : Le château de Laàs et le musée Serbat
    © EyeSea Production
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